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Manufactured in the USA from quality nickel plated brass and die cast zinc, with FDA
foodborne approved O-Rings

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Original Food Pump The 2 and 4 ounce pumps and needles are nickel plated brass tubing; the plunger / plunger rod are nickel plated solid brass; finger rings / thumb ring / head cap are zinc die cast. 

Dial-O-Matic Food Pump The Dial-O-Matic Food Pump features nickel plated castings, precisely machined parts, rubber coated grips, and a 50ml impact-resistant clear polycarbonate barrel.  The pistol grip design helps reduce hand fatigue when marinating in quantity, while providing a firm and balanced control to the marinating process.  The unique dial setting allows to adjust the amount of marinade to be injected with each squeeze of the handle.  

Manufactured in the USA from quality nickel plated brass and die cast zinc.  O-ring and lubricant are FDA food borne approved.  All parts can be replaced or repaired.  


To disperse marinade throughout meats (e.g. fowl, pork, beef, lamb or wild game), creating enhanced culinary flavors.   


It is advised to fully disassemble the pump and thoroughly wash in soap and water both before and after use.  After drying, apply cooking oil to the o-ring for lubrication.  Hand tighten needle (clock-wise) when assembling.   

In order for marinade to flow freely from perforated needle, prepare marinade to a fine texture with a blender or food processor.  If preparing a hot marinade allow it to cool before use.  

Immerse needle, attached to fully assembled pump, into the prepared marinade and slowly draw back on the plunger.   

Insert needle into meat product deep enough to cover needle tip and all perforations.  Dispense marinade by pushing the plunger rod or squeezing the pistol grip while slowly withdrawing the pump.  Repeat in several locations until seasoned to preference.

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