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Volume 2 No. 8
October 2002


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Douglas A. Anderson, DVM
Staff Veterinarian
Technical Service

Often the topic of the “Vet’s Corner” has focused on the diseases of livestock and the vaccines utilized in their prevention. This month, it seemed appropriate to shift the focus to the tools of the trade; the equipment that is used to administer the vaccines and medications, to perform treatments, and to accomplish the daily chores of good animal husbandry.  Western Instrument Company is an important 
division of Colorado Veterinary Products

Western Instrument Company provides to veterinarians, ranchers, and farmers a wide array of quality equipment for a variety of animal species.  Among the most popular items are:

  • Megatherm, Model 1

  • Stress Saver castrating kit

  • McPherson Equine Mouth Speculum 

  • Balling Guns

  • Stinger stock prod

  • Injection pumps

  • Barnes style Dehorner

  • OB Wire Saw

  • Bailey Ejaculator

  • DIAL-O-MATIC syringes

  • Dose Syringes

  • Intravenous set

The new and updated Specification Manual is due to be published this month.  Not only does it show the entire Western Instrument Company product line, but it also provides useful information on the recommended safe usage of the item as well as materials of manufacture, where pertinent.  It also contains information on our latest 2002 additions to the product line:  the Stinger stock prod and the Stress Saver castrating kit.

Call 1-800-525-2065 or email your order for the new Specification Manual to assure the earliest possible delivery.

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